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Welcome to North London Paranormal Investigations

The Ancient Ram Inn - Paranormal Investigation Part 1

  Paranormal Investigators

North London Paranormal Investigations are a group of like-minded Professional individuals who go about their normal lives from day to day but who also shared a common interest, and that's the paranormal. Paranormal Activity, The Dark, Ghosts and spirits. Demons and Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. UFO's and Aliens. The unknown makes us all fear and fear well!

The objective of the North London Paranormal Investigations Team of volunteers is to investigate the unknown with a view to providing evidence of phenomena by way of  Digital Still images, Video Images, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Thermometers, Digital recorder, Infra red cameras. 

"Ghost Hunt" Events

As part of our services we offer website members and the Public the opportunity to attend a "Haunted location with our team. 

The events are normally a few hours to an all night vigil. Depending on how active the Location is. In addition we encourage our members and guests to bring their own equipment and make their own conclusions.

A digital camera, a torch, good shoes and a flask are the basics. Make sure you have a fresh supply of batteries.

Ghost Hunt Events will be advertised on our website and again in our events section on our Facebook page. We also have a group on facebook so watch out for regular updates, Tickets can be purchased online.

Your Stories and experiences

We would like to hear from you if you have a story or experience you would like to share with us! Just sign up using your facebook account and submit your stories and experience to our forum or via your email client to

Become a Paranormal Investigator

To apply to become part of the NLPI team please send an email with your relevant experience, your interests in the Paranormal and anything that you feel will contribute to the ongoing development of The North London Paranormal Investigations Team.


NLPI RADIO is hosted by UK & USA based Paranormal Investigators. Based In London, NLPI has a regular Friday night show covering all aspects of the Paranormal. With Live guests and phone ins, We can assure you of a very informative show.

Paranormal Tech

We have available for hire or purchase a range of Safety equipment which is essential for some investigations. Other Items like Branded Bomber jackets, Hoodies, Baseball caps, T shirts will be available to purchase from our online shop.

Feel free to come and have a look around. if you have any stories you wish to share or indeed any photos then we invite you to sign up for free. You can also sign up using your facebook login.



Private Investigations

North London Paranormal Investigations uniformed team are available to hire to Investigate your home or place of work...........

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A typical Investigation comprises of:

Pre-investigation : -

Questionnaire, Interview and examination of Witness statements and risk assessment for Public Liability Insurance.

On the day of the investigation: -

Full use of Paranormal evidence gathering equipment inc. Electronic Voice Phenomena Recorder, Ouija Board, Thermometers, Laser Grids, Remote Controlled Infra-red cameras, Digital Cameras and Electro Magnetic Field meters.

Post-Investigation : -

Electronic Voice Phenomena Recordings and Infra-Red (Night Vision) video footage analysis and compilation of Investigation Report - Our findings to include evidence captured on equipment.


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